Dr. Pinaki Nath Mukhopadhyay  

    Dr. Pinaki Nath Mukhopadhyay, Professor and Head of the Department, joined in this university on 30-3-1992. He has 23 years of teaching experiences and 14 years of Professional and administrative experiences at various reputed organizations (e.g. CU, JU, BU, RE College), PhD Degree with various publications both books and journals articles of research nature, guiding Ph.D. Scholars, Resource Person and expert in various seminar, workshops, selection committees, board of studies, board of examinations etc., Editors of professional journals, specialization in computerized catalogue, data base designing, standardization of bibliographic format, Networks, Rectro-conversion, designing of controlled vocabulary devices etc.
Activities and achievement for the year 2006-2007 (upto 31st March 2007)
Resource Person  

March 9, 2006 : Co-ordinator in UGC Sponsored Round Table Workshop on evaluation of LIS curricula of RBU held in the Department of Library & Information Science, RBU.
September 9, 2006 : Resource Person in the UGC Refresher Course for LIS, organized by Academic Staff College, University of Calcutta, held in the Department of Library and Information Science. 'In formation Institution: today and tomorrow'.
September 14, 2006 : Resource Person in Workshop on 'Manuscript Preservation and use' organized by Department of A, C E & E. Centre, RBU, Vedic School, RBU and Manuscript Department, C.U., held at Ved Vidya Kendra, RBU
October 11, 2006 : Resource Person in Workshop on 'Preservation, Acquisition, Cataloguing and usage of Manuscripts in Howrah District', organized by Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Library Service, National Manuscript Mission, Howrah District Library held at Howrah District Library.
January 6-14, 2007: Howrah District Book Fair, organised by Local Library Authority Directorate of Library Service, Government of West Bengal, held at Howrah Municipal Corporation Ground.
February, 2007 : RBU Journal of Library and Information Science, Volume 10 (2007) published.
September 9, 2006 : Working paper on UGC Sponsored Refresher course, in LISc at Academic Staff College, CU.
March 9, 2007 : Working paper on UGC Sponsored Round Table Workshop on 'Evaluation of LIS curricula of RBU' in the Department of Library & Information Science, RBU.
Participation in Conference, Meeting, Seminar, Workshop, Lecture, Exhibition
April 1, 2006 : Konnagar Public Library and Free Reading Room (Government Sponsored Library) : Foundation Day (l49th) Seminar.
June 20, 2006 : Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Library Service : Inaugural function of 'Government's grants to Non-Sponsored and NonGovernment's. Libraries by State Government, at State Central Library, Kolkata,
June 24, 2006 : State Central Library, Government of West Bengal, Felicitation programmes for new Library Minister organised jointly by the Bengal Library Association.
July 6, 2006 : Government of West Bengal, Directorate of Library Service, Local Library Authority, Howrah District. Inauguration of new Library building of Howrah District Central Library.
July 17, 2006 : Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata : Talk on "The Angel: Fact and Fiction, her disease and recovery".
August 4, 2006 : Bose Institute, Kolkata Colloquium on 'Taking Advantages of Technology : Making the field playing through Open Access Archiving'.
August 8-9, 2006: District Library 24 Parganas (South). Golden Jubilee Celebration.
September 15, 2006: Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. Seminar on 'Life and Works of Acharyya Prafullachandra Roy' at Physics Hall.
November 23, 2006: Jadavpur Vidyapeeth, Jadavpur, Kolkata. Seminar on 'Rovolutionary Prafulla Chandra Sen (1906-1993): Bibliography-Biographical works'.
December 29-31, 2006: 48th Bengal Library Conference, held. at Rabindra Bhaban, Berhampore; Murshidabad.
February 2-3, 2007 : Bangiya Bijnan Parishad, National seminar on 'Science in Bengali language and literature'.
Research Activities
Internal Guide to Ph.D. awardee Sri Biswajeet Dasthakur for his thesis entitled - "Bharate Bangla Bhashay Chalachittra Bishoyak Prokasanar. Udbab-O-Bikas 1898-1998”.
Internal Guide for Ph.D. candidate Smt. Keya Basu for her work entitled 'Prayugkti : Bishoy Shironam'.
Professional Activities
Life Member of BLA, IASLIC, IATLIS, Bangiya Bijnan Parishad, Bangiya Sahitya Parishad and other organisations and participated in their programmes.

Sri Salil Chandra Khan  

   Sri Salil Chandra Khan, Senior Lecturer, Joined in this university on 31-03-1995. He has twenty years of teaching and twenty years of professional experiences. Number of publications in professional journals, seminars, conferences, workshops. He has keen interest in Information storage and retrieval, Documentation works, indexing method etc.
Activities and achievement for the year 2006-2007 (upto 31st March 2007)
Participation in Seminars, Conferences
August 11, 2006: Seminar in Celebration of Dr. S. R. Ranganathan's Birthday organised by Central Reference Library, Government of India, National Library; Campus, Belvedere, Kolkata as Guest speaker.
August 13, 2006 : Seminar in celebration of Librarians' Day on 'Public library and Information Services' organised by BLA, IASLIC, WBPLEA and B; Municipality at Rabindra Bhaban, Bally.
September 7-8, 2006: National Seminar on 'Archiving the good of the three dimension:...new thrusts in higher education’ Organized by the Department of Adult. Continuing Education, Extension work and Field Outreach, Rabindra Bharati University.
September 16, 2006 : Seminar in Celebration of Golden Jubilee of Ashokgar Public library, Kolkata.
November 13-14, 2006 : National Conference on 'The National Library as an Intellectual Resource: Challenge and Prospect’ (NACONAL 2006) organized by The National Library, Government of India, Kolkata .
November 17, 2006 : National Convention on 'The National Library' organized by National Library Employees Association, BLA, IASLIC and WBPLEA.
December 13-16, 2006 : XXII National Seminar of IASLIC on the theme 'Open Source Movement-Asian Perspective' organized by India Institute of Technology, Roorkee. Presented two papers.
December 20, 2006 : Seminar on 'Library and Information services in Social and Economic development’ in celebration of Library Day 2006 organized by Bengal Library Association.
December 29-31, 2006: Lecture delivered on ‘Conference held at Rabindra Bhaban, Baharampur, Murshidabad organised by Bengal Library Association on the theme 'Information Awareness through Library.
February 2-3, 2007: National Seminar on ‘Bengala Bhashai Bijnan Charcha’ in Celebration of Diamond Jubilee, organized by Bangiya Bijnan Parishad.
September 18-20, 2006 : Lecture delivered on 'Conservation of Library Documents' Workshop on Library and Information Science, organized by Bengal Industrial Training Centre, a unit of Science Association of Bengal, Jadavpur University, Kolkata.
Papers Published
'Integrated Collection development of Non-Digital and Digital Information Sources along with Institutional Digital Repository in a University Library : a case study' published in IASLIC Special Publication No. 46, XXII National Seminar of IASLIC, IIT-Roorkee, 2006. 'Bridging Digital divide in rural West Bengal: Role of E-governance published in IASLIC Special Publication No. 46, SIG-Computer Application, XXII National Seminar of IASLIC, IIT-Roorkee, 2006.
Professional Activity
1. Joint secretary, Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC) for 2006-2007.
2. Member, Board of Editors, RBU Journal of Library and Information Science.
3. Member, Advisory Committee of Library and Information Science Certificate course of Bengal Industrial Training Centre (a unit of the Science Association of Bengal).
4. Member, Granthagar and Publication Committee, Bengal Library Association (BLA), Kolkata.
5. Expert member of Selection Committee of Vidyanagar College, Vidyanagar, South 24 Parganas.

Dr.Sudip Ranjan Hatua

Dr. Sudip Ranjan Hatua, Lecturer, joined in this university on 27th September 2006. He has seven years of professional (Technical and Administration) and one year teaching experience.
Activities and achievement for the year 2006-2007 (upto 31st March 2007)
Demonstrator November 28-December 1, 2006 : IASLIC (collaboration with NIOH) as a part of it's continuing education program. Invited as a "Demonstrator" in the National Workshop on 'Open Source Movement and use of DSpace Software' at the National Institute of Orthopaedically Handicapped, Kolkata. Seminar December 20, 2006 : Attended a seminar on 'Role of Library and Information Services in the development of economy and society' on the occasion of 'Granthagar Diwas' (Library Day) organized by Bengal Library Association at Moulali Yubakendra, Kolkata. February 7-8, 2007 : Presented a paper titled A suggestive model for Social Science Information System (SSIS) and its issues and challenges in the National Seminar on 'Access to Social Science Information' organized by Vidyasagar University. March 7, 2007 : Co-ordinated a seminar on Librarianship in the 21st Century by Ms Wendy Zaman, Information Resource Office of Seven American Libraries in India, Bangladesh, SriLanka and Nepal at the Department of Library & Information Science, RBU. Publication Article entitled Management of Information with the held if WinISIS fir a library: a practical approach published in RBU Journal of Library & Information Science, Vol. 10, 2007, 43-47p. Professional Activity 1. Life Member, Indian Association of Special Libraries and Information Centres (IASLIC) Member, Board of Editors, RBU Journal of Library and Information Science. 2. Member, Bengal Library Association (BLA), Kolkata.

Teachers (Guest)

Presently there are 15 (fifteen) guest teachers, who actively participate in all academic and professional programmes. They are reputed, experienced senior professionals engaged in various capacities in various libraries.

Staff Members

1. Sri Ananda Samanta, Senior Assistant, Joined in this university on 18.04.1980 and transferred to this department on 20.03.2006. He is actively engage in department works along with Departmental Library’s work. Without his professional support (achieved due to experience) classes in the library could not be held. 2. Sri Khushilal Ghosh, Senior Record Supplies, joined in this university on 7.12.1981 and transferred to this department on 6.5.2004. He is actively assisted all works of the department.

Course Content

The department of Library and Information Science imparts education and training in Library and Information Science and services at Post-graduate level since 1986. It educates the candidates on the very foundations of Library and Information Science and Services based on the philosophies, principles of Rabindranath Tagore, S.R.Ranganathan and others. It trains candidates with latest tools and techniques available on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), ‘Hand on experiences’, ‘Work-in-conditions’ and ‘practical’. It also educates and trains the candidates to cater the needs of neoliterates in order to continue their advancement of learning. It also educate and trains research scholars to contribute knowledge in this field and to obtain PhD degree. For details of contents, the syllabus for BLISc course and MLISc course are available from Secretary, Faculty Councils. Moreover, there are some employment generating programmes like preservation-conservation of documents, not textual editing of publications etc. under short term, refreshers courses. The course contents are revised to meet the need for the profession. The course content were revised on 1998, 2002 and 2007 on the basis of UGC guide lines, UGC model curriculum 2001. In order to revise the course contents various professional recommendations were accommodated through workshops, seminars, etc. in the department and other professionals associations. Teachers, working librarians are regularly taking leading role to revise our course contents. On 9th March 2007, a ‘Round Table Workshop on Evaluation of LIS curricula of RBU' were held in the department, where various teachers professionals, scholars, experts, etc. were actively participated and the syllabi were revised on their recommendations under UGC Model Curricula. The course contents of BLISc and MLISc degrees supports the candidates to run a library and information centre independently with a balanced knowledge and expertise in neo-traditional as well as Information and Communication Technologies of latest nature.

Teaching Methods and Evaluation

Classes are usually held on Monday – Friday during 11 am – 6.30 pm for BLISc and 12 noon – 7.30 pm for MLISc and Saturdays during 11 am to 4 pm for BLISc and during 12 noon to 4 pm for MLISc in the department class room, departmental Library, ICT Laboratory, Central Library and RBU Computer Centre of this university. Theoretical discussions, Practical classes and demonstrations, Hand-on-experiences on latest tools and techniques, training in On-going working conditions, are usually held. Group Classes, Group discussion, tutorials, personal care and assistance are given. Seminars, Quiz, Colloquium etc. are held on various topics from the course contents. Moreover, extension lectures, special lectures are held by inviting professional experts available in the country and from outside (co-operation with American Information Centre Library, British Council Library are received). Study tour, study visit, field survey works etc. are held annually and reports from the students were discussed. There are project works, Sessional tests, assignment, dissertations on various topics of course content during the session are held usually. Attendance of 75% to the classes held and submission of assignment, survey report, project works, dissertation, etc. on date are strictly maintained. Spot evaluation and discussion on evaluation are made with the students to enhance their quality of knowledge. There are annual evaluation systems along with Sessional tests during the session and submission of project works, assignments, dissertation etc. during the session. Guidance to all students in answering questions are given on regular basis. There is a scope for review of post publication of results as per university rules.

Professional activities, co-operation and co-ordination

Professional programmes are held in the department. It also participates in various programmes organized by professional organizations, associations, departments of universities, institutes etc. Co-operation and co-ordination are extended to institutes- IASLIC, ILA, DRTC, USIS Library, University Libraries, BLA, Bose Institute, National Library, British Council Library, Asiatic Society Library, National Archives, etc. and co-operations are also received from their part. Professional assistance, guidance, expertise etc were extended to organize and maintain the libraries of various kinds. Our products (pass-out students) are being engaged as library trainee at USIS Library, British Council Library, ISI Library, Bose Institute Library, State Central Library etc. on regular basis. Professional assistance, guidance, personal care and helps, etc. are provided by the teachers of the department to students and ex-students, research scholars to establish their professional career.